working on updates

site will be back. not anytime soon though.

(05/08/2023) section and some more sketches coming soon to pages near you. the horse game has a grip on my soul. and the void section has been cleared for now to make room for future walls of text.

(06/07/2023) art page is back up. the background is white for now.

(05/06/2023) a new page has been added! you can now look at recent digital drawings of mine here! apologies in advance for the formatting, i'll look into fixing it when i can.

some of the art pieces do not have watermarks on them. you can use all of my art (watermark or not) for anything other than profit. credit would be appreciated if you do use my art, but it's not necessary to. if you want to credit me, link back to my website (, or credit me as 'omni.'

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